Selling through an iPad

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While I was in Dallas I saw lots of iPads being used by salespeople.  I was interested in how these devices can be used to enhance the sales process.  To find out, I asked Kristal
Bergfield, Vice President of Business Development at StoryDesk,“a company whose products can help create an iPad app that will convert ink and paper catalogs and presentations into iPad versions.”   If you would like to know more about StoryDesk you can click here to contact Kristal.

Kbergfield_pic (3) Today’s gift and home sales reps have a cool job – they get to work with fun products and talk about them to retailers.  But showing those products in the best light can be challenging. Some find PowerPoint presentations, brochures and catalogs to be boring. And, well, it hurts your back just thinking about carrying all those samples around all the time.

The iPad can help with all of that.  I have found it to be a great storytelling – and sales – platform.  Here’s why I think so:

1. It’s the best way to showcase a product line or lines.

You have great products. Give them the staging they deserve. Not only is an iPad light weight and portable, it allows you to showcase your products in a beautiful, interactive way that will allow you to tell your story and hold people’s attention. You’ll be talking with the client, not at the client.

2. You can close deals on the spot. The iPad (with the right app) is uniquely capable of letting you take orders and get a signature on the spot. Send it directly to your sales coordinator. Shorten your sales cycle.

3. You can deliver a consistent brand message. When sales pitches are locked into an app on the iPad, management and legal can have 100% confidence that everyone is delivering a consistent and approved message. What’s more, changes can be made centrally and pushed out to the entire sales force instantaneously, making things easy for everyone.

4. Use an app to present, and then let the app be the “leave behind.” Include in your follow up email a link to download your company app. Use that as a communication and sales channel to strengthen ties with to your customer.

So, sit down with an iPad and tell your story and close the sale.

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