QR Codes and the future of…well…everything

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I had just gone through the long process of redesigning and printing my business cards when it suddenly hit me.  I had not included a QR code. 

What is a QR code, you may ask?  It is that square, odd looking bar code you have been seeing lately.  It allows the transmission of everything from your physical address to your web address in the blink of an eye.  All you need is a smart phone.  Take a picture of the code and the information transfers.

Are my business cards now an old school way of exchanging information; well, not yet but probably

soon?  At least that’s the feeling I got after reading a New York Times article entitled “Want More Information?   Just Scan Me.”  The article describes the profusion of QR Codes during Fashion Week in New York:

DURING New York Fashion Week earlier this month, Quick Response (QR) codes — square, checkered symbols that can be scanned with one’s smartphone — were…omnipresent…. They were on cookies … that, when scanned, revealed an invitation to a concert…They were on a pink Barbie-themed bus, and on doll displays in stores that could be scanned for a chance to win designer clothes. And they were on postcards for a “fashion hunt”…

But here is what really grabbed me:  “[A} company called Skanz began selling silicone bracelets embellished with QR codes that enable anyone with a smartphone to scan your wrist and instantly access a Web page with your contact information, social media links, even favorite photos and videos.”

It seems that after Skanz passed out the bracelets no one bothered to pass out business cards.  They simply scanned each other.

Even more interestingly, there is a clear tie in with social media.  “[E]ach Skanz QR bracelet is connected to a personalized Skanzsite, filled with the wearer’s contact information, photos, videos, favorite things and links to social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumblr, Google+ and Flickr.”

Anybody want a business card?



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