iPads, Toasters and the Greatest Gadgets of All Time …but Where Are the Toys?

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Stephen Fry has created a list of the top 100 greatest gadgets of all time.  Who is Stephen Fry?  Well, he is, in equal parts, an actor, a writer, a journalist, a director and a television personality.  So, to put it mildly, this son of the UK is one interesting guy. 

That’s why I was intrigued by his recently released list of the 100 greatest gadgets of all time.  Here is his top 10.  If you want to see all 100, click here.

  1. Cigarette Lighter
  2. Wristwatch
  3. IPod
  4. Television
  5. Typewriter
  6. Laptop
  7. Home phone
  8. Pen
  9. Apple Peeler
  10. iPad

I can’t say that I agree with all of his choices.  Well, for starters, you can tell it was a man who came up with the list as he listed the cigarette lighter at number 1 and the bra at number 49.  And while

we are on the cigarette lighter, is it really more important than the pen?   

But what about toys?  Well, Wii came in at 15 and the Gameboy at 44.  In addition, there are some items like the whistle 85 and the microscope 69 that were repurposed as toys but you have to get to 91 before you get to a traditional toy, the Remote Control Car.  That puts it ahead of the toaster at 93 (shouldn’t the toaster have been higher than that?) and the Karaoke machine at 100 but far behind Handcuffs (80) and the Patio Heater (60).  Shouldn’t he have included Roller skates and at least considered the Pogo Stick?

What toys do you think should have been included?  Let us know.








5 thoughts

  1. All gadgets which he had included are awesome no doubt ….but I think he must include the home security system also in that list…because now a days its the foremost requirement .

  2. Roller skates led to the Walkman, which led to the I-Pod. In the 1890’s roller skates were the greatest thing until ice cream came along.
    I say this with humility; In 1980 while at Mego Toys I previewed the prototypes for Rollerblades and gave them a thumbs-down. Mego didn’t option them and was o.o.b. in a year. If only…RIP Steve Jobs.

  3. Etch-a-sketch I would agree with, and Mr Potato Head, Lego and Big Trak should slso be in the list along with frisbee and water pistols. Actions figures would also featuer highly in a cool ideas list. Everyone has owned an action figure of some type in child or indeed adulthood.

  4. No toys in the list!- me thinks its the opportunity for another list form young Master Fry. However, if he does scribe the toy list, I nominate Turbospoke which re-imagines the original card in the spokes idea that most red blooded boys would have tried. Turbospoke is the true embodiment of Toy innovation. Designed and patented by a 16 year old who was inspired to become an Industrial Designer. Turbospoke has got to be up there with the EtchAsketch and RadioFlyer. 8 out of 10 kids will choose the bike fitted with a Turbospoke, 100% more fun can’t be wrong..

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