Great Toy Design: the Morgan Supersports Junior Peddle Car

Well, the Morgan Supersports Junior Peddle Car does cost a hefty $4,000 but I have to say I love it and I love all the real cars made by the Morgan Motor Cars company.  Based in England, the company has been producing cars the same, hand-made way, since 1918.   

Take this three-wheeler pictured below which they are introducing this year.  It demands your eye as does every car they make. 

The company makes a number of styles but only the 3-Wheeler and the Peddle Car are available at one of the 8 dealerships.  Wouldn’t it be great to have the Morgan Supersports Peddle Car at Toy Fair?

One thought

  1. Dear Mr. Gottlieb,
    When I read your article on the peddle car I immediately remembered my favorite toy as a child. It was in the late 40’s and for my birhtday my parents gave me an” Air Force” Jeep peddle car. Having a “car” of my own was as good as it gets for a boy. I can not imagine children have changed that much. Having a “car” like mom or dad would be so cool, but maybe a less expensive Ford, instead of a Morgan. N.F. Richman, Virginia

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