A Hurricane in New York; fatty foods and a run on Bourbon

We live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan overlooking the East River so we knew we were in for an experience as the local and national news inundated us with reports on the coming end of the world, otherwise known as Hurricane Irene.  We, like other New Yorkers, knew we had to get ready so we went about buying the staples we knew we needed:  Wine and fatty foods…and, water, yes, yes, we needed water too.

I anticipated plenty of alcohol to be available but was concerned about the water.  There was, oddly, plenty of water everywhere but alcohol that was another story.  Here is how today's edition of Slate  describes the situation in an article entitled “Water, Water, Everywhere, but Not a Drop of Bourbon:” “It’s Christmas in August…hurricane hoarders are gravitating toward lower prices (for wine) than average, but at a much higher volume.”  One woman interviewed said that she bought four bottles for three people, figuring 1 1/3 bottle per person over two days.  And oh yes, bourbon is completely sold out — it doesn’t require ice. 

It is now 9:00 AM on Sunday morning and we have worked our way through two bags of potato chips, half of a babka, 2/3 of a bottle of wine and a pint of ice cream.  We still have a ways to go but are comfortable that, though the chips are gone, we have sufficient peanuts and cold pizza to get us through the rest of the storm. 

How are you holding up during the storm?  Write in and let us know.

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