The Heart of the Spanish Toy Industry

I am back from a great experience in the heart of Spain’s toy industry.  Located in the south of the country, the city of Ibi is the home of many toy companies as well as the AIJU, Spain’s children’s product association and my host.

Alicante__4___spain Ibi is in the province of Alicante and it was in the city of Alicante, situated on the Mediterranean, where we stayed and where we had some of the best food, wines and beaches we have ever experienced.  The city is built around a small mountain which is topped by an ancient castle.  Sitting on the Mediterranean with a backdrop like that makes for, to say the least, a memorable experience. 

We also got in a trip to beautiful Valencia.  This is a handsome city whose historic center has a modern counterpoint in the stunning Ciudad de las Artes.  Designed by the noted architect, Santiago Calitrava, it is a cluster of museums with an architectural style that defies description. 

ValenciaOldTown The older parts of the city share an architecture that spans the centuries.  Buildings dating from 13th through the 21st centuries, sit on streets that twist and turn as they have for centuries.  The food in Valencia is world renowned as well and the home of Paella. 

It was great fun and a learning experience to be in this part of Spain but I was there for the conference.  In my next posting, I will share with you some of what I learned.




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  1. I bet it would have been fun to visit Juzcar–the town has been painted blue in preparation for The Smurfs movie premiere.

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