Do you want to be your own Barbie doll? In the near future, maybe you can

My eye was caught by a weird yet interesting article that I found tucked away in an obscure corner of the New York Times.  Called “Gaining Perspective, Small and Large, With Dolls,” the article talks about Karolinska Institute in Sweden which has conducted research in which it connected people with dolls via electronic headsets.  Here is how the article puts it:

Researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden hooked up volunteers to a headset connected to a camera display that provided the subject with a first-person perspective from the doll’s point of view.  Then, the researchers touched the subject’s body and the doll’s body at the same time with a small rod. This created the sensation that the subject inhabited the doll’s body

The article goes on to make points about the scientific importance for this understanding evolution and even the creation of medical robots.  Well, that’s nice but what an unbelievable doll accessory that would make.  I mean, come on, how cool would that be?  It could be the next big advance in doll play.

Someone in the toy industry better get over to Sweden.

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  1. quite interesting. They have been doing experiments like these over there for some time now. There was even a local new report on it I think, about a year ago. But Dolls.. now they’re really jumping into …..?

  2. This does sound like a great additional play feature, and a nice example of using technology in a way that actually expands and improves play, as opposed to a voice chip or blinking lights that get old after a few days (if that long).
    I would have really enjoyed (heck, probably would enjoy now) being able to have a ‘Flaggs-Eye-View’ from a G.I. Joe soldier on the deck of the iconic aircraft carrier, or being in the thick of battle between 6″ tall Transformers, which through that proposed interface would seem to tower over me.
    Plus – the notion of it being a simple video pass-through, rather than a recording device like last year’s Video Barbie, might allow it to skirt the trouble that toy found at the hands of overzealous law makers and regulators.
    Hopefully someone picks up this idea and runs with it – maybe it should be you!

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