Sweet Valley High grows up; should Barbie and GI Joe follow suit?

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Did you happen to see that the girls from Sweet Valley High are coming back?  This time, however, they are adults and the stories are, well, let's just say more mature.
  As you will recall, Sweet Valley High was a highly successful series of books for kids that came out in the 1980’s.  It was about a pair of twin high school girls, who were both beautiful and popular.

In a new book, Sweet Valley Confidential, the twins, Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield, are now 27 years old and no longer talk to each other.  Why, because one twin had an affair with the other’s fiancée.   Yep, she did.

The book has been a success with grown up Sweet Valley High enthusiasts who can now  bring their adult world view to bear on their childhood enthusiasm.  It makes you wonder what would happen if Mattel and Hasbro allowed their creations to really grow up.

What kind of real world adults would Barbie and G I Joe be?  How would Barbie deal with pregnancy, marriage, the loss of youth and the reality of life’s limits?  How would GI Joe handle life after the battle? What kind of domesticated citizen, husband and father would he make?

Rather than just bringing back a prior generations toys as nostalgia pieces, why not give them renewed life and vigor for an older, and hopefully, wiser group of adults?  Its something to think about.


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  1. As a kid, I often projected and explored my own sense of adulthood on my dolls. It helped me to establish a sense of values-let’s just say, I had higher hopes for the girls of Sweet Valley High.

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