Solution: Make it Easier to Buy Toys!

I used to go to Subway, but now that Jimmy John's is in the area, we just let them bring us our sandwiches, even if it is just one sandwich. They will deliver one sandwich? That’s nuts! But we order from them regularly, so maybe it is not so much nuts as it is genius.

Iphone-app-report Trillions of people, more or less, order apps for iPhones, iPads, and iDon’t know what elses. Here, with the touch of a finger, you get the product instantly delivered to you, and the charge shows up later on your bill. How easy is that? No typing in your credit card number, address, etc and laboriously et cetera. You just touch the screen, and you're done. The product is delivered instantaneously, and you never even have to pay for it, seemingly, as it shows up as part of another bill. How seductive! How does the toy industry compete with that?

Well, let me suggest this: Toys R Us and others have apps already – so what if you can touch the screen of your iWhatever device, order a toy, and the nearest store will deliver the product to you, just like Jimmy John's, with a small added service charge, and the charge will show up on your bill later on?

No painstaking punching-in of credit card info – just make it ridiculously easy to buy toys. Now, I know there are many reasons not to do this, and all are perfectly logical and reasonable. But this may be the future of toy retailing if we are to compete with the many seductive aspects of digital media. So why not make it ridiculously easy to buy toys?

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  1. Now that gasoline has crested back over $4 a gallon for most of the country, we are all re-re-examining the trips we take and the miles we log in our cars each week. Beyond the seductive ease and impulse-catering that such a system would bring to the toy buying process, one can imagine a time not that far away when home delivery has a real resurgence thanks to the crippling travel costs for the consumer.
    Granted, those same costs are then put upon the businesses who are bringing the products to your door, but with the growth of an industry so come efficiencies, and with shortest-path calculated routes, many deliveries on a single run, and efficient vehicles it’s a model whose time may come sooner than we realize!
    Then it will be up to toy retailers to create the environment you describe, where a product is easy to find, is tantalizing on virtual display, and is easy to add to your next home delivery list. The logistics and deals between the Toys R Us warehouse and are then the topic of another article!

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