Listening to Girls

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One of the highlights of the recent Los Angeles Girls Toys & Media Conference was the presence of the girls from the prestigious Marlborough School.  The school, under the direction of artist in residence Joyce Dallal, engaged the students in an art project entitled, "The Other Toy Story."  The undertaking is “…a multi-faceted art project to investigate the impact and influence of toys on our social, psychological, and physical environment….”

In particular, the project wanted the students to consider their relationship with their dolls and toys after they had finished playing with them.  We were deeply intrigued by this project because it so clearly reflected our interest in how girls relate to toys and through them to those of us who make and market them.  Who else to help us better understand 21st century girls and how they play then girls in their late teens that still have clear memories of their youth but now have the mature thought processes and clear articulation of a near adult.

One aspect of the project called upon the students to create artwork and videos reflecting their relationships with their toys.  It is fascinating, it is informative and it is a little haunting.   Take a couple of minutes to watch this short video, "Sophia: Kayla."  If you enjoy it, go the "Girls, Toys and Media: Video Pieces" website where you will find an additional 12 short videos.  Watch them all to get the full impact.


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