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Large companies with deep pockets have long held a strong advantage when it comes to marketing.  Simply put, they have the money to spend heavily on advertising and pull ahead of the competition.  Thanks to the paradigm changing impact of the Internet, however, smaller companies now have an opportunity to catch up for a fraction of the cost.

That is why I strongly recommend that you read an excellent piece in the New York Times entitled:  Online Video Offers Low-Cost Marketing For Your Company.”  The article provides powerful tips on how to use YouTube and other hosting services (Vimeo, MetaCafe, Facebook, Viddler, Brightcove and ) as a low budget form of television advertising as well as a means to demonstrate what a product does. 

Below, please find highlights that I have pulled from the article.  I strongly suggest, however, that you read the article in its entirety, save it and pass it on to others.

1. SHOW YOUR PRODUCTS – Short of getting a customer in the door or sending a salesperson on the road, online video may be the best way to demonstrate a product.

2. CREATE A DESTINATION – It is easier to win customers if you give them a reason to tune in. For [a company called], the reason is food sizzling on the grill.

3. USE ANALYTICS AND TOOLS – YouTube offers tools that allow you to measure the effect of your videos

4. BUILD A BRAND CHANNEL –  One way to get the attention of customers is invite them to become your video producers — especially if they jump off cliffs, ski down steep powder ridges or do somersaults on BMX bikes.

5. ADVERTISE WITH VIDEO – YouTube is the second-largest search engine after Google (which owns YouTube) and represents a huge audience of potential customers. It offers a dozen advertising options, including banner ads, promoted videos that appear on top and beside search results, and “preroll ads” that appear during other YouTube videos much like a conventional TV commercial. YouTube recently announced that it was displaying more than three billion ads per week.

6. OFFER INSTRUCTION – Online video makes it easy to follow the adage “Show, don’t tell.” Many businesses have turned to video for instruction manuals and how-to guides.

If you are currently using YouTube and other hosting sites to market your products, write in and let us know.


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  1. At BlueMatter Games, we’re finding the video route more challenging than this. As game designers, we count on the manufacturers who license our designs to promote the games. However, many of the smaller companies don’t have a lot of experience with video. The result is often a low-budget, one-take production with a couple of talking heads describing (rather than showing) game play and experience with the potential for outright errors. We’re choosing to take on producing our own videos. However, the economics and time commitments of this decision, especially if we want to produce a high-quality video, do not make it a slam-dunk by any means.

  2. Hi Richard, Thanks for the article. We’ve found it extremely hard to break into the ‘normal’ channels of the toy industry because our products fall into sports and toys (original soccer/football training aids for ages 3+). We use youtube as a platform to show what the product does, product features, benefits, testimonials and so forth to great success. One of our videos has had over 90,000 hits – as a small business we couldn’t possibly reach that many targeted viewers across any other medium. If you’re not using youtube or the other video sites then do it, it’s a great way to get your brand and message infront of potential customers. We even got a Latin American distributor interested through it!

  3. YouTube actually encourages the artistic and creative aspect of advertising, because now people tune in to specifically see your videos. I think it’s going to open an entire new aspect of marketing that was previously unobtainable by smaller companies. Now, you don’t need mega dollars to advertise, just a creative concept, a decent camera and the insight on how take your video viral. Marketing and advertising will be changed for sure.

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