Nielsen tracks product placements but where are the toys?

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Were you aware that Nielsen actually tracks product placements?  Called the “Nielsen Top Ten Most-Recalled In-Program Placements", it tracks how many people can recall a product placement 24 hours after they saw it.

For those not familiar with the practice, "product placement” is the purposeful inclusion of the reference to a specific product in a show or movie.  It is not an advertisement per se, but it an embedded reference so that it appears to be part of the storyline.  It is subliminal, effective and less costly than traditional advertising. 

How effective is it?  Well that depends upon the quality of the show, the person making the reference and the context of that reference.  That this can be an effective method of promotion is attested to by the aforementioned  fact that Nielsen tracks the impact of product placements just as it does television shows. 

I perused a recent list of Nielsen's top placements which I found in Advertising Age MEDIAWORKS article and was surprised that no toys were mentioned in the top 10.  The brands that were mentioned were a mix of price points and product categories: 

Ferrari – Cars

Vicodin – Medicine

Red Hots – Candy

L’il Critters – Gummi Vitamins

Ugg – Boots

Toyota – Cars

Mercedes Benz – Cars

Jared – Jewelry

Apple – Computers

Gatorade – Beverages

Other than the Toy Story movies, can anyone name some notable toy product placements?   Has your company done product placement?  If so, do you know how effective it was?  Write in and let us know.


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  1. We would welcome a placement for our Whirled Peas Game like the one Taboo received during a hysterical party game sequence in Reese Witherspoon’s and Vince Vaughn’s “Four Christmases”

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