Toy Fair: The Gathering of the Tribes

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I have had a number of requests to repeat this posting from two years ago.  I still feel the same excitement.

Every year at this time I get that sense of anticipation knowing that our tribal get together, Toy Fair, is about to commence.  In my mind’s eye, I can look out into the distance and can almost see them coming:  The Toy and Game Inventors, Designers, Packagers, Publicists, Manufacturers, Retailers, Advertisers, Journalists, Agents and Sales Representatives.

They will gather on the floor of the Jacob Davits Center as well as in parties, bars and restaurants all over town.  The Women In Toys banquet, the ASTRA get together, the TOTY Awards, Mary Couzin’s ChiTAG NYC Get-Together Get-Together, and countless other parties and celebrations will be happening all over the city.

I believe that it is this mingling of the tribes that is the most important function that Toy Fair provides.  I know that common wisdom is that it functions as a place for manufacturers to show their new products to retailers.  I think, however, that the true importance of Toy Fair is the magic that happens when so many intelligent, creative and aggressive people come together and cross pollinate ideas.

If you are a first time attendee at Toy Fair, or even if you are a veteran, take the time to appreciate the opportunity you have to meet new people, get new ideas and become motivated to take on the New Year.

I for one am excited.  I look forward to seeing you in New York.

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