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In my last posting I spoke about a study conducted by the AIJU, a Spanish private, non-profit organization that promotes research on children and play.  The study wanted to look beyond gender in categorizing what toys, interests and play children wanted to engage.  The AIJU studied 1507 children consisting of 757 boys and 750 girls.  Here is what they found:


This group literally is obsessed with Princesses and loves to play with dolls.  They fall into the 4 to 6 year old age group.  12.5% of the participants fell into this category.  Of that 12.5%, 4% were boys and 96% were girls.


This group is intensely interested in fashion and personal appearance.  They primarily fall into the ages of 6 to 10 years old.  15.7% fell into this group with 2% of that figure coming from the boys and 98% from the girls.


As the name implies, this group loves sports with 60% being involved with organized teams.  Their age range runs from 7 to 12.  23.6% fell into this group with 90% of the category coming from the boys and 10% from the girls.


This group loves everything to do with nature.  They run from 4 to 9 years old and represented 14.2% of the children studied.  The study did not provide a gender breakout as it did for the other groups.

TV Adventurers

In the United States we would call this group “Couch Potatoes.”  They accounted for 13.9% of the group with 70% of them coming from the boys and 30% from the girls.  They tend to have few interests other than watching television.


These are the littlest children (4.9%) and they are the most gender neutral in their preferences with 45% coming from the boys and 55% from the girls.


15.2% were classified as Technologicals.  They love computers, cell phones, video games and any new technology.  56% came from the boys group and 44% from the girls. 

Write in and let us know your thoughts on the above classifications and how you think they could impact toy design, packaging and marketing.

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