Meet me next week at the Toy Business Forum in Nuremberg

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If you are planning to be in Nuremberg, Germany this week for the Spielwarenmesse Nuremberg Toy Fair I do hope you will come to hear me speak at the Toy Business Forum at 2:00 PM on February 4.
  My topic is:  Engineer or nursery school teacher!? – Do toys influence our development?

I will speak on the results of the Girls & Toys Conference I am putting on in conjunction with the Spielwaremesse on February 2.  At that conference we are asking a small, highly respected international group of participants to answer the question:  “Do the toys that girls play with as children have an impact on the academic and professional choices they make as adult women?”

Participants are from Spain, The Netherlands, the United States, the UK, Canada, Russia and France.  Here is a list of our esteemed attendees:

Charles Albert                                     Creativity USA

John Baulch                                        Toys ‘n Playthings

Ulrica Griffiths                                    Griffiths Consulting

Mirian Morante Bonet                          AIJU

Maria Costa Ferrer                              AIJU

Axel Dammler                                       Icon Kids

Andre Dobbie                                      Gameplan Europe

Kathleen Alfano                                  Fisher Price

Dominic Laurienzo                              Jakks

Jeremy Padawer                                  Jakks

Nadezhda Zhurina                               C Toys

Emile Kalis                                          Identity Games

Adi Golad                                            Goliath Games

Marjorie Israel Chayette                      Citi Blocs

Reyne Rice                                         Toy Industry Association

Tanya Thompson                                 Thinkfun

You can see the entire schedule for the Toy Business Forum by clicking here.  See you there.

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