Move over Mom; Dad is the new gatekeeper

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According to a survey conducted by Yahoo and reported in a great Advertising Age article, “Time to Rethink Your Message:  Now the Cart Belongs to Daddy,” men are beginning to dominate family shopping.  Here is how the article puts it: “Mom is losing ground to Dad in the grocery aisle, with more than half of men now supposedly believing they control the shopping cart. The implications for many marketers may be as disruptive as many of the changes they're facing in media.”

There are certain things in life that we never question; that you should focus your family marketing on mothers because they control the shopping cart is one of them.   What does this mean for marketing; probably a lot?

But why is it happening?  It appears that the number of men out of work combined with a rising generation of men who are comfortable with parenting and domestic chores are creating a new class of men who, well…like to shop for the family.

Despite the gender shift, most ads for packaged goods, whether in magazines, television or the Internet are aimed at women.  That is why, “…only 22% to 24% of men felt advertising in packaged goods, pet supplies or clothing speaks to them, according to the Yahoo survey.”  The article never specifically mentions toys but the information applies.

What do we need to know about men if we are going to market to them. That in my next blog.

My thanks to Peter Gasca of Wild Creations for bringing this article to my attention.




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  1. My first reaction to the headline was,”is this another case of women letting me believe they have control?” Then I read the fact behind the research. There are more dads rising to the ranks in the grocery store aisles and in malls across America. The economy is one factor but also the rising number of moms who have returned to work to make up for the financial shortfalls in their family. I’d like to think at the end of the day however that Moms are still controlling the income. 🙂

  2. Glad you posted this Richard. I read about this survey in Ad Age last week and made a mental note. Now what I’m really looking forward to is your next blog where you will tell us what this might mean for packaging designers and product developers like myself.
    Thanks, Richard.

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