It’s not too late to plan your trip to the 2011 Nuremberg Toy Fair

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We are on the cusp of a new year and you can still make a New Year’s resolution to make this year the year you attend the Spielwarenmesse Toy Fair in Nuremberg, Germany It’s coming up soon, though (February 3-8, 2011) so you will need to move fast.

It is by far the largest toy show in the world and going will put you out in front of your competition.  Here are some reasons why:

You will see more toys (over one million unique items) under one roof than you will see anywhere in the world.   Retailers who make some sharp purchases can have product that their competitors have never even seen.

You will meet more people from more disciplines and from more countries than anywhere else in the world.  Think of the people you will meet; the relationships you will develop and the resources you will acquire.  You may even make some friendships that will last a lifetime.    By going to the Spielwarenmesse, you will make contacts and relationships that will help your business. 

You will get new ideas.  By putting yourself into a new environment and seeing what people are doing in other parts of the world, you  will come up with creative  new ideas for products, businesses, packaging and more.

By going to Nuremberg, you will become worldlier, more sophisticated and savvier.  Believe me, in a global marketplace like the one we live in, that’s no small thing. 

If you want to find out about tickets, click here.  If you want to look into accommodations, click here

So, come to Nuremberg, attend the Fair, eat some sausage and (if you like) drink some beer and have fun. 

See you there!

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