What was the worst toy you ever received?

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What is the worst toy or gift you ever received?  That is the question that a New York Times article, entitled "Tell Us the Worst Christmas Gift you Ever Received, asked"  The article asked toy industry executives to list the worst toys they ever received.  Among the executives included were me, Neil Friedman, President of Mattel Brands, Jeffrey Holtzman of the Goldberger Company, Kenji Yoshiari of Technosource, and Chris Byrne of Time to Play and even the great grandson of F.A.O. Schwartz.

As interesting as the responses were, it was even more interesting to see the comments that readers made about their worst toys.  Most were funny but some had a sharp twinge of sadness (one woman received a lump of coal from Santa when she was 4.  It seems she had been bad.)  

What was the worst gift or toy you ever received?

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