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I previously wrote about Gina Manola, founder of CALICO, Managing Partner of Playology,  author/desinger of Notable Novelists and one of the driving forces of the Young Inventor Challenge atGina-manola  ChiTAG this year. The Young the Inventor Challenge encourages kids ages 6-18 to invent and present  their original toy and game at the Fair. This year there were over 50 creative young inventors from around the country participating in the event.

Gina interviewed the two winners and I just had to share the highlights of her interview (full interview on her blog) with our Global Toy News readers. There are many articles about the downward trend of creativity and imagination in kids today (including some from me). These young inventors’ games were terrific – hopefully they will inspire other kids!

From Gina:

YIC 2010 Adrik Herbert “This year two inventors took top honors. Adrik Herbert, age 8 of Morris, Indiana won in the Jr. Category for his game, Nutterz. Nutterz is unique because the board is mostly slanted and I had the only slanted board in the Challenge,” Herbert goes on to say he was inspired to enter the competition because his father is a board game inventor. His advice for other kids thinking of entering “Take a deep breath and go with the flow—just do your best and show what you know.”

Nick Metzler, age 16 from Algonquin, IL was the winner in Sr. Category. His unique game play and board game format really caught the eye of the judges. That’s Cheating!

YIC 2010 Nick Metzler What’s the twist? You guessed it—you have to cheat to win. Metzler knew he had a unique concept for this year’s competition. First, the game revolves on the concept that cheaters win which definitely changes the way people play games; Second, the game is made up of 5 individual rings to look kind of like a bulls-eye design, but they all spin which changes the board creating shortcuts.

The winners of the Young Inventor Challenge were introduced by actor, and inventor enthusiast, John Ratzenberger and Mike Hirtle, Head of Global Product Acquisition at Hasbro.  

Winners were awarded a number of great prizes including: dinner with Mr. Hirtle and Mr. Ratzenberger, private tour of Toy Fair in NYC and presenters at the TOTY Awards compliments of the Toy Industry Association, InventNow Camp Invention Scholarships, Inventor’s Digest interview and a tour of Bruce Lund’s Chicago studio.”

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