Dinky Toys, Ideal or Transogram; should someone bring back the forgotten toy brands?

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I had a lot of fun (and some nice memories) reading a New York Times article entitled “From Retired Brands, Dollars and Memories.”    It recounted the recent auction at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel of 170 retired brands.  Here are some of the brands and corporate names up for sale:

  • Meister Brau beer
  • Snow Crop frozen orange juice
  • Lucky Whip dessert topping
  • Mum and Stopette deodorants
  • Collier’s, Saturday Review magazines
  • Handi Wrap plastic wrap
  • Computer City and Phar-Mor retail stores

As I read the article I began to think about how many toy brands are languishing that could be brought back to life.  Do Ideal Toys, CBS Toys, Transogram or Dinky Toys deserve an after- life?  What toy brands do you think deserve a comeback?

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  1. Dear Mr. Gottlieb,
    Toy size “printing press” with the rubber letters. It was such a creative, instructive, hands on toy. A child could learn spelling, reading and an earilier art form. It represents an interactive toy the family could invest in with the child. It was so much fun imagining yourself as a news reporter!
    Norton F. Richman
    Rehabilitation Teacher

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