The Waning Creativity Quotient

We are all familiar with the intelligence quotient, or the measure of one's intellectual capabilities. There are in fact seven distinct measures of intelligence, including Visual/Spatial, Verbal/Linguistic, Logical/Mathmatical, Musical/Rhythmic and others.             

Creativity Similarly, there is a measurable Creativity Quotient, and like the IQ, it has been tracked for 50 years to see how it has changed in the population of school-aged children.                

For decades the measured Creativity Quotient in children rose regularly, year by year. A good thing indeed. Until 1990, that is. Since then it continues to decline year after year. It has been characterized as a creativity crisis.             

Why the decline? While the answer to this question is being studied as I write this, there is speculation that kids are spending more time playing with video games or other similar forms of play, and less time with traditional toys that utilize more traditional play patterns.             

A decline in our national level of creativity will not bode well for our ability to compete and thrive in an increasingly competitive world.            

Toys matter. Through play with toys children create their own story lines and scenarios, try things, explore, discover and learn about the real world. Through play with toys children develop their creative muscles. Our national creative muscle has made our country great.          

Toys and play really do matter to us all. 


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  1. Dear Editor,
    The article on creativity is compelling. I believe with the advent of TV, movie rentals and accessible electronic devices, there is a demand for repetitive images, visually and auditorily. Creativity grows out of imagination, not repetitive, conformed images.
    Norton F. Richman
    Rehabilitation Teacher

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