Sniff! Sniff! A printer that prints smells!

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Good_smell Wow!  "What will they think of next" just does not do justice to the fact that, according to a PC World article, “Japanese Scientists Create Printer That Can Create Scents,” the world (and the toy industry) is at some point in the future going to have access to a whole new way of prototyping and making products that engage the least used of all the senses for toy play; smell. 

According to the article, the printer is a simple ink jet that shoots scented liquids on to printer paper; so simple but yet so revolutionary.  Unfortunately, the scent does not last long and the scent selection is pretty much limited to less complex smells like “lemon, vanilla and mint.”

It’s a still way off but thinks of the applications both serious and ridiculously fun.  I can’t wait.




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  1. Richard,
    This could be used by boardgame makers like myself. Check out PU! The Guessing Game of Smells. It’s a board game that uses scented gamecards. It is made by me company Unknown Games.
    Right now having to silkscreen scents onto cards is very expensive for us and a cost effective way of printing scents would help us out alot.
    Dale Harris
    Managing Partner,
    Unknown Games LLC.

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