My advice to Poland, Hungary, Russia, Croatia and other New European countries: Be Aggressive!

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In my last posting, I conveyed what I learned about the Eastern European markets at the Licensing NewEurope conference in Croatia.  Now, here is some advice to those government agencies, those businesses and those non-governmental agencies in these developing countries who want to attract Western consumer products and intellectual properties as well as become manufacturing centers.

Be more aggressive!  Don’t wait for western companies to come to you.  Go to them and meet one-on-one.  You need a kind of ambassador who can meet with them in their offices, who can walk the floor at trade shows and who can stay in steady contact.  You can’t be back of mind, you must be front of mind and the only way to do that is to be conspicuously visible.

If you do this you will at least be noticed and in time you will become markets and production centers for western companies.  China is moving away from being the toy manufacturer to the world and western countries always need new markets.

So, go after it and go after it hard.  It will pay off.  

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