How the toy industry can capture the best and the brightest

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This is the third of three postings that will explore a notion that we as an industry do not attract a sufficient number of the best and brightest coming out of our colleges and graduate schools.

Cap-and-gown In my last two blogs I have written about the toy industry needs to attract far more of the best and brightest of our new college graduates.  We need them because they have fresh ideas and, because they have just graduated childhood as well as college and, as a result, have a grasp of what kids (and young adults for that matter) want in toys.

The question that needs to be confronted is how we go about drawing them to our industry.  Here are some ideas:


The toy industry needs to have a recruiting team that shows up at colleges around the country and touts the toy industry as a career choice.  It can recruit on a macro basis and at the same time come to the table with job openings at actual toy companies.

Endow “Toy Studies”

How about the industry endowing courses in “Toy Studies” at business schools so that the toy industry has an academic face on campus?  How interesting to help develop a curriculum that teaches the business of play.

Provide guest lecturers

I have been invited to speak on the toy industry to “an interdisciplinary seminar on The Consuming Child”  at Penn State University.  I was deeply honored that they invited me.  Shouldn’t the toy industry actively seek the opportunity to speak to college students?

Create “Toy Week”

Let’s create “Toy Week” that will raise the public’s consciousness of toys and those who invent and manufacture them.  Have it the week of Thanksgiving and feature great toys.  What a great way to enhance our position going into the selling season and at the same time create a pool of prospective employees.

There is much that can be done but if we want to continue to grow and flourish as an industry we are going to have to bring in more young minds.  What do you think?



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  1. I too am speaking to college students! I’ve been invited to be a guest lecturer at the University of Washington’s for a class in their Industrial Design department. Every little bit helps, right?

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