What Is Your Calling?

I was interviewed recently for a documentary series on one's calling. 

Do you have a calling? What have you been called to do in the world? To follow your calling may be one of the greatest gifts life has to offer.          

I have a calling, one general, one specific. I have been given a mind full of curiosity that loves the thrill of solving problems and overseeing the process of bringing new toys and creations into the world.          

I believe it is our duty to use our gifts to the greatest extent that we can. We are called to use ourselves up to the greatest good of man because we owe it to ourselves to be the best we can be and to do the very best that we can do.

Do we deserve less? Do our world and fellow man deserve less than our best?

My calling is to work with talented colleagues to create marvelous things, and I derive great joy and satisfaction from that. I have been most fortunate to have found my calling after decades of searching for it. Look for your calling if you have not yet found it. Follow your interests and what you do that brings you joy. Therein might lie your calling, awaiting you to find it.          

I wish you every success. 


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  1. Bruce,
    I am so glad I scanned my Global Toy News e-newsletter just now. The title of your article What is Your Calling? simply JUMPED at me. I read it all with a smile getting continually larger each line only then to be as equally inspired by your video!
    I am a marketing director for a small group of financial advisors (day job). I own a greeting card biz to celebrate lives in personalized point and click; we mail it for you company, and am an aspiring inventor for a floor mat/game for children!
    I have honed my calling regarding marketing as: Marketing is not something you do to people, it’s something you do for people. Marketing is the service of helping people make the best possible decision(s).
    My invention calling needs work but I do know there are two days that justify inventing…the day I get an idea and the day I hear someone was similarly inspired by it. 🙂
    Thank you for this! I need help on the verbiage for my general and specific as well but it will come Im sure. :0
    Suzanne Coyle
    Norwalk, CT

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