Lionsgate Studio joins with Televisa to go after the Hispanic Market; some lessons for the toy industry

6a0133ec87bd6d970b0133f4988a18970b-320wi The toy industry continues to see the Hispanic demographic as a niche market while other forms of entertainment recognize the power of marketing to this rapidly expanding population.   That was my take away from an article in the Hollywood Reporter entitled: “Lionsgate, Televisa detail Hispanic film venture.”

 It seems that Lionsgate, the home of the Tyler Perry franchise, sees an opportunity to expand its 6a0133ec87bd6d970b0133f4988adb970b-320wisuccess with movies directed at the African-American market.  Televisa, a major Mexican studio is joining with Lionsgate to form Pantelion Films which will produce movies for the Hispanic market.

Here is why:  “…26 million U.S. moviegoers are Hispanic and that this group represents the fastest-growing part of the overall audience and more than one-fourth of all frequent moviegoers. A video package highlighted that  Hispanics accounted for $1 billion in 2008 movie ticket sales.”
If its good idea for the studios, it seems like it must be a good idea for the toy industry; don’t you think?

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