The Toys, They are A-Changin’ – Alarming Trends in the Toy Industry

“Come gather ye people from all cross the land, and” . . . I don’t recall the rest of the words of the famous Bob Dylan song about the times, and how they are a-changin’. But in the toy industry, like most industries, they are indeed a-changin' in siginificant ways.

Money-bags Everyone is standing around scratching their heads wondering "What do I do?" "How do I survive and thrive?"  "What do I make, how do I sell it, and to whom?" I certainly am and I hear the same from many others as well. 

Whatever do we do?

Toys are more expensive. The costs of everything involved in their creation continues to go up and up and up. At the rate Orient costs are going up we will be manufacturing toys here in the USofA again soon. 

As toys get more expensive what will happen? How will the toy manufacturers respond? Will they try to sell more expensive toys or try to sell toys that have less cost, less feature, and possibly less magic in them? I fear we will begin to see just that. 

Play-money How will the consumer respond? Will you just pay the higher prices? Will you spend the same amount on toys, but only buy fewer? Or will you buy more non-toy products instead? Will you be satisfied with toys at the price points of the recent past that have less magic, mechanism, and features, and thus less play value? 

The road that lies ahead is full of questions, but we certainly intend to learn, grow, and adapt to changing times.

3 thoughts

  1. I hope you are both right. That we somehow, somewhere put our heads together to imagine possible futures and strategies we might employ. Like the currently popular multiple universes theory, there are many possible futures, and many possible strategies that might be more or less suitable.
    Perhaps together we might sort it out, and even affect the likely outcome.

  2. I totally agree with Kim!
    We are headed for some big changes. These are exciting times and people need to put their heads up and start talking about how to run their companies in a more sustainable way.

  3. As an American toy manufacturer,I’d love to see more manufacturing jobs come back to the US.
    We need them, unemployment is high and I can’t help but think about how many folks could find jobs if companies just brought some manufacturing back to this country.
    Yes, it does mean higher prices, the people involved in the making of our toys get paid a good living wage, have ins. etc…but it also means more jobs and that means more people willing to spend money….it all eventually comes back to us, full circle….everyone wins.

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