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My first blog to Global Toy News was about the importance of ARTFAB – A Rising Tide Floats All Boats. Well, one of our own is auditioning for the Oprah network and needs our support.


Peggy&RachaelPicLoRes If you're in the toy and game business and you don't know Peggy Brown, you're wrong. You do know her. She's had a hand in so many games, toys, puzzles, and even books, that her work is impossible to miss. Last year she won the TAGI Award for Game Inventor of the Year – not for a game she invented, but for the overwhelming depth of the countless games she's invented, designed, and developed. So you do know Peggy Brown, and now it's time to get to know her really well!


PegWithGames What you may not know is that she's a TV personality, having demonstrated her bright ideas as a regular guest on the Rachael Ray Show, where she taught a national audience how to do funky home decor projects and make fun for your kids out of stuff you have laying around. You can watch clips of the many episodes on her website,

Now she is auditioning to have her own show on Oprah's network. This would be great for our industry, to have one of our own in the spotlight, but she needs our help to get there. She got a late start (yesterday) and the competition ends July 3rd – but I know she/we can do it. Go to and watch her video, but most importantly, click that big green button beneath it and VOTE! It takes all of 5 seconds and you can do it daily.

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