The LIMA 2010 Licensing Show; what a difference a year makes

Mickey-mouse-face Last year’s LIMA show was, at least to me, pretty disappointing
.  Attendance seemed down and exhibitors pulled way back on their presentations.  Maybe it was the recession; maybe it was the new Las Vegas venue maybe it was just a general unease.

That all changed this year.  LIMA 2010 was a good show.  The quality of the exhibitor presentations was way up from last year’s sometimes bare boned approach and the aisles seemed busy.  I tend to look for things like food concession lines, available tables and in the cold months, coat check lines, to measure attendance.  There BarbieM(8) was certainly no need for coats in the Las Vegas heat but the lines for food were indeed long and finding a table was frequently a chore.  Therefore, I would estimate that attendance was well up from last year.

I thought the show environment was pleasant and appreciated the deeper carpeting although it’s always hard on your feet.  I did, however, find the layout to be sometimes confusing and the booth 616dora-the-explorer-posters numbering system to be bizarre.  One of my appointments spent at least 20 minutes trying to find the booth number at which we were to meet; all because the numbers went down, then mysteriously up again and then down once more.

I did find the Las Vegas environment combined with the trade show provided an interesting window into the state of the economy.  I will tell you about that in my next posting.

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