Change Afoot in the Toy Industry


We learned in meetings this week that while the big-box retailers are cutting suppliers and offering less variety and selection to customers, they are also giving their major vendors – the big toy companies – more responsibility to manage their ‘real estate’ on the retail shelf. 

The big toy companies are finding it easier to get their products on the shelf, and to a greater extent are being told by retailers to do what they want with the shelf space they are allocated. They can stock the shelves with whatever they choose and manage that space for the retailers. All the responsibilities of stocking, restocking, and choosing what to put on the toy shelf has been outsourced from the buyers and merchandise managers to the toy companies. 

“Theirs not to reason why. Theirs but to do and die.”

We can’t know what change will bring. We can simply do our very best at what we do, get better and smarter at doing it, and hope that our clients and the consumers themselves find it of value.

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