And the 2010 TAGI Awards Lifetime Achievement Honoree is…


The legendary Eddy Goldfarb is the 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree to be feted at the Toy and Game Inventors of the Year Awards, TAGI Awards, on November 19th at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. He and Marvin Glass invented the business of toy and game inventing and Eddy has almost 800 products licensed worldwide, some of which include Yakkity Yak Teeth, Battling Tops, Kerplunk, Shark Attack!, Stompers, Quiz Whiz, Numbers Up, Giant Bubble Guns, Milky the Cow and Baby Beans. Not only do you recognize these names from your childhood, many are still on the store shelves today!
I am honored to have Reuben Klamer, another industry legend, our 2009 TAGI Awards Lifetime Achievement Honoree and Eddy's good friend, talk to us about Eddy. 
“Eddy Goldfarb is a gentleman! That says it all, but there is more. Going back to World War II, Eddy was a high tech crewmember of a US Navy Submarine operating in the South Pacific.  As the story goes, Eddy invented a system of detecting enemy projectiles “underneath the radar.” I think I have this straight, but, to make sure, perhaps one would have to ask Eddy about this. He is a humble man and does not talk about it too much. But he was a hero.

After the war, Eddy settled back home in Chicago, in the windy city. He began his career as a toy and game inventor, being a first in establishing what is now known as the “toy and game inventor community.”

I met Eddy early on in his career and was always impressed by his calm and studious demeanor. Beneath it all is a man of great depth. I won’t go into all of Eddy’s achievements for there are so many that it would fill many pages. I’ll leave this up to the biographers.

Eddy is very fortunate to be the husband of Anita Goldfarb. She is a lovable and supporting partner. Also, Eddy is very fortunate to have as a son, Martin Goldfarb, who is rapidly following in his father’s footsteps.

I, too, am fortunate to be able to call Eddy a dear friend. He inspired me to become an independent toy and game inventor. What a wonderful friend he really is!

I look forward to the evening when Eddy is awarded the TAGI Lifetime Achievement Award, which he so richly deserves.

I will be there to salute you, Eddy!”

Thank you, Reuben, for your moving remarks. You and Eddy are truly an inspiration to us all, both in our business and personal lives. We look forward to November when the industry turns out for this very special evening.

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  1. This is exciting! I will look forward to the awards! I remember fondly playing Shark Attack with my kids. They would get so excited when that shark came a chomping!

  2. We had Kerplunk and I had the pleasure of working with Eddie at Radica. He’s a wonderful man and a legendary toy inventor. He and his wife Anita are warm, gracious people and I always look forward to seeing them at Toy Fair.

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