The Cream Rises to the Top


Toy factory
The cost of manufacturing toys in China is up as much as 20% in the last year alone, and that is on top of the increases of recent years. Labor costs are the main reason for the most recent increases, as well as new requirements for safety testing, material costs, and shipping.

A toy with a single motor mechanism, of which we have created and sold many, will now retail for $30, when only a few years ago it would have been $19.95. A two motor, TV promoted mechanism is now $50 at retail, where a few years ago it would have been $29.95 – $34.95. 

Meanwhile, consumers are not making more money, the economy is not up, and people are not better off. What will this mean for the kind of toys that we create so many of, and what will it mean for the toy industry as a whole that all toys have become more expensive? I have always been of the mind that ‘cream rises to the top’ and that doing great work will yield success in even a shrinking pond. But it makes you think. 

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