Change is the One Constant


We need to adapt, to get better at what we do, to evolve or else wither away. When I first got into the toy industry, Sears was the world’s #1 retailer and #1 toy retailer. All the toy companies came to Chicago on a regular basis to meet with the Sears buyers and sell their wares.

Sears1I sold my first product as a young designer at Marvin Glass & Associates to the Galoob brothers. They visited Glass to look at new concepts while on one of their visits to Sears. This proximity made Chicago a very good location for Marvin Glass, and may well be the reason that Chicago has become the world's epicenter for toy and game invention.

At the time when Sears was #1 and Kmart was #2, there was a lively toy wholesaler segment of the industry, and few had heard of Walmart. Hard to believe. Fast forward 30 years, and things are quite different.

What will the retail and toy landscape look like 30 years from now?

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