“Hello Kitty” or could it be “Goodbye Kitty”


It appears that all good things actually do come to an end as our long time friend “Hello Kitty” may not be immune to that little bit of popular wisdom. According to a New York Times article bylined from Tokyo, “Hello Kitty” has moved, at least in Japan, from craze to yawn.
Here is how the article, “In Search of Adorable, as Hello Kitty Gets closer to Goodbye,” puts it:

Hello-kitty_2144_2At age 36, Hello Kitty may be running out of product lives. That is the fear of executives at the Sanrio Corporation, the Japanese company that created the cute, cartoonish white cat in 1974, and groomed her into a global marketing phenomenon worth $5 billion a year… [A]mid signs that Hello Kitty’s pop-culture appeal is waning, especially at home, where sales have shrunk for a decade, the company has struggled to find its next-generation version of adorable.

So, what does this mean globally? Well, it seems that in the rest of the world Hello Kitty is holding her own but maybe not for long. The company is cautioning that they expect a drop in revenue and profits to fall this year.

What can we learn from all of this?  I will take them up in my next blog posting.

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