Bruceheader Nations and independent organizations have medals that they award to
individuals for valor and heroic contributions worthy of recognition. I
suggest the toy industry, or perhaps more broadly the children's
product industry group, award the first Industry Medal of Honor
to Mr. Rick
, Chairman of Learning
, for his work on behalf of the industry.

Woldenberg Rick has worked tirelessly on all of our behalf to lead efforts to
ameliorate the negative and potentially catastrophic effects of the
ill-conceived CPSIA
 that has threatened the viability of toy companies,
makers of ATVs, thrift stores, and children's clothing makers, and in no
way improves the safety and well-being of children. Hundreds of
millions of dollars have already been lost by several affected
industries. I could go on and on, but much has been written elsewhere on the damage and costs of this knee jerk
Mr. Woldenberg spoke to Congress recently advocating rational,
thoughtful legislation that does in fact ensure child safety and
well-being. I hope his logic and reason are heard, understood, and acted
upon by our government, for the benefit of all.


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