The Forbes Fictional 15



It's time to have a little fun.  Forbes just issued their annual “Fictional 15,” which ranks the richest fictional characters in the world.  In that we are in the business of play and toys, I thought you might find it to be fun with a little social commentary thrown in.  Here is the list (with some commentary by me in parentheses):

1.    Carlisle Cullen   

Doctor / Vampire of Twilight books (Is vampire a profession?)

2.    Scrooge McDuck  

Treasure hunter (It’s amazing what a recession can do.  Here is a duck that makes no investments.  He just keeps it all in his money bin so he didn’t take a hit during the recession.  In fact his wealth went up with the value of gold.)

3.    Richie Rich   

Inherited wealth (I have always found Richie Rich to be insufferable).

4.    Tony Stark   

Defense contractor / Iron Man (Perhaps he also secretly owns Burger King).

5.    Jed Clampett    

Hillbilly / Oil Magnate (I wonder if he owns BP?  Maybe he should have Granny do the oil clean up with a bunch of possums in the cement pond).

6.    Adrian Veidt       

Ozymandias / Marketer     This is a character from the Watchman series.  A marketer with super powers.  (I thought all marketers had super powers.)

7.    Bruce Wayne    

Batman / Defense contractor (Defense contracting must be big business, just ask Daddy Warbucks, who incidentally did not make the list.)

8.    Tooth Fairy    

Inherited wealth (Doesn't it  make you wonder how she gets around the EPA for tooth disposal?)

9.    Thurston Howell III  

Not clear what he or his company, Howell Industries, does. 

10.   Sir Topham Hatt    

Railroad tycoon (Does he own Thomas or simply employ him; that’s a troubling question).

11.   Artemis Fowl II     

Criminal (He appears to be a kind of literary Lex Luthor).

12.   Montgomery Burns    

Atomic energy tycoon

13.   Chuck Bass      

Real Estate (He is on that show, Gossip Girls, which I have not, will not and never will watch).

14.   Jay Gatsby      

Organized crime boss from The Great Gatsby.   (The only high brow fiction character on the list.)

15.   Lucille Bluth    

Real Estate (She is a character from the failed, but funny TV show, Arrested Development.  It seems like Forbes was reaching with this one.)


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