How Did I Get Here?


Before I became a toy, game, and otherwise inventor, independent
businessman, chief cook and bottle washer of my own company, I had (like
all of you) a number of other jobs; summer jobs, part time jobs, full
time jobs, apprenticeships, etc.

Belt I was an apprentice leather worker to my mentor Stu of The
Leatherworks. He is a misanthrope and a creative genius who inspired me
to follow my own creative path that has led me to what I do today.
I had my own retail leather shop on Franklin
Street in Chapel Hill, NC, where I made and sold sandals, shoes, bags,
leather garments, belts, and the like. Stu’s friend Johnny Cool came in
with his mother one day and stole all our leather coats and vests while
she kept me distracted. I could go on for hours about Stu and my
adventures together . . .

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