Affordable hotels for Toy Fair; if you are willing to sleep tight



If paying for a hotel in New York during Toy Fair is a
challenge for you

(and it is for most people), help is not just on th
e way but here.  It
seems that, according to a New York Times article, “Your room as
: Teeny, Cheap and chic,” you can get a really nice room for under
$99 a night, if you are willing to accept
tight quarters.

is how the article tal
ks about the Jane
: “
[A] restored residential hotel rising
over the West Side Highway, and the “
presidential suite” was one of its
standard single rooms.
Reminiscent of a high-class train cabin, it was tiny:
all of 50 square feet, just big enough for a custom-made twin bed and a
shelf.”  Cost; just $89
a night.

Or how about the Pod with “…which
opened three years ago with 345 rooms averaging 100 square feet,” or the Yotel with 669 hotel rooms measuring in
at 170 square feet.  The article also mentions Room
Mate Hotels
and the Ace

All of these sound pretty interesting and seem to be in good parts
of town.  Check them out and let us know what you think.

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  1. Richard
    I am Inventor Relations at ThinkFun, Inc. I was in NY this past weekend and I stayed at the Jane Hotel. I too had read this article and was looking for an affordable place to stay.
    The Jane Hotel was excellent! The room was very well designed considered it was more the size of a closet than a room. There is no closet but hooks around the room just like a train cabin. They have designed that tiny space very wisely.
    Also, there is a shared bathroom. It reminded me of college. But it was clean and there was no waiting in the morning for the showers. (and one of the best showerheads I’ve ever used in a hotel)
    The staff were very friendly and the atmosphere was very quaint. It felt like a train experience with porters at the elevator in their pill box hats.
    There was also a very excellent french cafe that was popular with the locals at night. Foozeball anyone?
    So if you can handle the very small living quarters and shared bathroom, this is an excellent place to stay. And for only $89 per night in NYC, you can’t beat that!

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