Welcome to Global Toy News

I am very pleased, and to be honest, a little excited, to announce that I
am launching a new magazine to be called Global Toy News.

am I doing it; well, because I think it is important to do so.
I have for the last few years greatly enjoyed providing you with a
unique perspective on what I like to call “Toy Nation;” that incredible
amalgamation of manufacturers, retailers, inventors, designers,
publicists, marketers, engineers, dreamers, schemers and visionaries who
create play and joy for the world. In my blogs and articles (over 500
and counting) I have sought out sources from the past and present,
within and without the industry and from all over the world. Thought
leaders and children have inspired me as have you, my readers.

Global Toy News is going to allow me to give you a truly 360 degree look
at the world and toy industry within which we operate. North America
drives the toy world with its intellectual property and innovation,
China drives the toy world with its manufacturing and exporting; Europe
drives the toy world with the power of its euro and its aggressiveness
on toy safety.

So, shouldn’t we get everyone’s perspective?
Well we will through access to Asian, North American and European news
sources and bloggers.
So, read us and grow with us as we work (and sometimes stumble) to bring
you a broader perspective on the toy industry than you are used to
getting. And while we are at it, interact with us so we know what we
need to add, delete or change. We want to make Global Toy News a
magazine for all of us. See you in the future.