Great = Play Hours/Dollars


What are the characteristics of a product that make it a good toy,
or even a GREAT toy?  How many dimensions are there? Do we include the
name of the product, the packaging, perhaps the promotion, as well?
While we have created and licensed many successful products over the
years, and some of them were great products, others were perhaps only

We have created and licensed products that our
licensees, the client company, recognized as very good, even great
products, but were not successful in the marketplace. We have created
and been unable to license many products that I believe to be great toys
and games. They sit in our vault unappreciated, uncommercialized.

Bruce and toys In
checking the web for answers I find many lists and opinions on what
makes a good or great toy. I think what makes a good toy is more easily
answered than what makes a GREAT toy. But what separates good from

Everyone is entitled to their own
opinion. There are many highly subjective answers that factor out those
toy forms which do not pass muster on a reviewer's politically correct
spectrum. That is like asking a question to which you already have an
answer, like doing a research project with a preconceived set of correct
answers, as opposed to an honest search for truth. For example, some
reviewers won't allow toy guns on their lists of good or great toys,
while others choose to eliminate one or another product category for
their own personal reasons.

But my question is really not what makes a toy good, but what makes a
toy GREAT? If it has stood the test of time, is it then great? Is there a
formula, a price vs. play? Does each dollar a toy costs equate to a
duration of time that a child will play with that toy? Certainly a
fashion doll which costs $8.00 and can entertain a child for hours of
play would be a great toy, or a Frisbee, or a Yo-Yo.   

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