Toy safety; inflation means it may be a time to be extra careful

I had the pleasure of touring the Toy Testing Lab in Warwick, Rhode Island last week.  My very cordial host, Paul Perrotti, gave me a guided tour, and I have to tell you, if you have not yet visited a lab, you need to.  It was fascinating and educational to actually see how testing is done.  What i found enjoyable about Paul was that he puts a human face on the testing process.  He seems to sense the anxiety that many toy companies have (particularly start ups) around the whole process and has the patience to explain how, what and why things happen.  Thank you Paul for a very enjoyable visit.

On my way ba6a0133ec87bd6d970b0134804ff329970c-200wick to New York on the train, it suddenly hit me that this may be a time for those who manufacture toys and other products for children to be particularly alert to the raw materials that are flowing into the supply chain.  There is currently a strong inflationary surge in the cost of these raw materials.  As a result, some raw material providers may be locked into quoted prices that are no longer profitable.   In that kind of environment, some raw material suppliers could be tempted to substitute materials that are unsafe.  Most of these providers are ethical but it seems that it might be a good time for manufacturers to be extra diligent just in case someone gets tempted…

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