It’s exciting


I cannot tell
you how exciting it is to launch a new magazine.   Our intention is to make Global Toy News the place for you to have your
brains, as GTN blogger Brian Maggio puts it, “shaken, not stirred.”
It will be the place for you to go for perspectives, news and resources on play
and the business of play that you cannot get anywhere else.  It will be
fun; it will be serious and it will
be interesting.  Simply put, it will help you and your business not
just be better informed but better.    

 How will we
do it?  For star
Excitedters, we
are going to have bloggers…great bloggers, who will give you their

spectives from
different areas of the industry and various parts of the world

The aforementioned Brian
Maggio, the President of
Revenew Sales, is a
marketing and sales star.  He will share with you his observations on the
business of play.  Bruce
, the
owner of
Lund and
Company, one
of the premier toy inventing companies in the world (Bruce is the guy who
invented “Tickle Me Elmo TMX)” will also be  sharing his unique
perspective as will Chris
Bensch, Vice President of Collections, and other experts from the
National Museum of Play
.  Chris and his associates
will make sure that, as we consider the present and future, we stay grounded in
our past.

That’s not
all.  We are a
work in progress and will be bringing in bloggers from
other disciplines and countries over the next few months.  (By the way, if
you would like to blog for us, think you write well and have something to say,
contact us.  We would love to speak with you.)

We don’t just
want to give you opinion; we also want to give you access to the news you don’t normally see. 
That is why we are going to give you links to newspapers that cover the major
toy and play capitals of the world.  When you consider that 85% of the
world’s toys are made in China, it might be a good thing to let the Chinese
tell us themselves what they think, worry and dream about.  That’s why we
are going to give you daily
access to the
China China Morning Post, The Standard
and The People’s Daily. That’s not all; you will also find The Times of Lond
on; the Japan Times,
Deutsche Welle
and more.

Finally, we
will provide you with access to toy industry news and resources.  We are
going to provide other stuff as well, and it will be great, as soon as we
figure out what it will be.  Whatever it is we intend to have fun as we
bend our own and your brains.

What can you
do to help?  Read us; talk about us; talk to us; tweet us; retweet us;
write to us and (ahem) advertise with us.  Oh yes, and let us know what you think
We plan to get better…and better…and better, and we will, with your help.


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