Interaction, Fascination, Reaction


If the question is "What makes a great toy?" the answers will
certainly include:

A. Interaction, Yoyo1both physical
and emotional 

B. Fascinating action or movement  
has not been transfixed by the flight of a Frisbee, the magic of a
balancing top, or the movement of a Yo-Yo? Aside from being fun to play
with, they have an essential magic, an intrinsic beauty, if you will,
that draws our eye. We revel in their movements that appear to defy
gravity and fascinate us.

C. Reaction: “OMG!” “Oh, that is so adorable!”…“Oh Wow!” “That is amazing!” “Ooohh!” Uninhibited laughter. Any of these reactions may indicate you've stumbled across a good toy. They may even be the key to the greatness of some classics such as Cabbage Patch Kids, Pound Puppies, or the like.

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