What Makes a Great Toy?


Elmo2Watching someone play with TMX Elmo, you'll invariably see them laugh – they can’t wait to see what he does when you tickle him again. The fact that the user is engaged to the point of laughter suggests to me that this is a truly interactive toy, even though it does not have a constant hands-on play pattern and is not physically interactive in the manner of some of the great toy categories I have mentioned before in my blog.

And yet there are others, for which one would push the button on the hand and watch the sequence, that arguably one might define as a watch-me toy, just as the moms of France have done.

In the same way, no doubt there are hands-on play type toys that were not fun enough to stand the test of time and have come and gone.

Hands-on interaction does not in itself make for a good-to-great toy, and a good-to-great toy may not have a primarily hands-on play pattern.

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