The toy industry is looking almost robust; so where are the investors?



The toy industry continues to look relatively robust with a strong first quarter from Mattel and a solid performance by the retail sector in general. According to an April 16, 2010 MarketWatch piece, Mattel showed a first quarter profit as opposed to the losses it took during the same period last year. It seems that WWE and Thomas & Friends products along with a resurgent Barbie allowed the company to show increases in revenues and profits.

I think this could be goMoney_parachuteod news for all toy companies as it makes the toy industry look like a relatively safe, and potentially lucrative, place to invest money. The toy economy, like any industry, needs money to grow. That money has been hard to come by even in pre-recessionary times with venture capital flowing towards the then high flying video game companies. 

Maybe now that the big public companies like Mattel are seeing their stocks surge (shares up 19% so far this year) venture capitalists may see privately held toy companies as more attractive. Let’s hope so. We need more new growth.

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