Is Toys R Us going “Psycho” on FAO Schwarz?



Have you been into a Toys R Us lately? If you haven’t, look to your left as you walk through the front doors. What you will find, right across from the dollar aisle, is a “display” (I use the term lightly) of FAO Schwarz branded toys.

Here we have the premier retail toy brand (at least it used to be) arrayed (or maybe thrown is a better word) on bare shelves across from a department that screams dollar store. Signage; I guess you can call it that if cardboard mobiles are what you have in mind.

So what exactly is Toys R Us doing? Are they closing out some overstocked FAO Schwarz toys? Are they trying to finish off the brand so no one can ever revive it? Or have they just gone psycho?

Whatever the reason, a brand that is so venerated deserves better than this. C’mon Toys R Us. You are much better than this.

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