The future


The-future I visited the future yesterday at the DIY Days Conference in New York. Ostensibly an event to help filmmakers find community and collaboration; it is also an event that explores what is on the far side of the cutting edge in storytelling.

I found out about it from Theresa Loong and Mike Last of Intellitoys, the creators of  "Smart-e- Bear," a line of interactive stuffed animals.  They were speaking and  thought I might find DIY Days of interest due to my fascination with transmedia storytelling, 3D printing and other cutting edge concepts and technologies that were being covered at the conference.

They were right. It was a fascinating day. My only complaints were a lack of coffee and a program whose font was so small that it required the Hubble Space Telescope to read it. I rectified the coffee problem with a walk down the block and accepted the font size as the price one pays for attending a conference that is so packed with great speakers that it takes tiny printing to fit all of the information on the page. 

In my next blog I will tell you about some of what I learned.

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